Champion Cycle

Is all three rounds of Rock, Paper, Scissors being played.

Sudden death

If you are a diamond member and your defeated you go into sudden death mode. While in this mode you continue to play until you lose a Round or you win, but be warned your opponent might be a diamond perk user as well, there perk would kick in and the battle shall continue until a Champion emerges victorious . I will grant a boon of one extra ticket of the champions choice any scratch off game and any dollar amount.

Champion Swap

The Champion can switch Lucky 7 for Golden drum or vise versa with the challenger prior to either being revealed.


A roll is just one turn of the three that completes a round.

King of Champions

Allows our champion to compete again after victory against a new challenger.


Allows a player to discard a losing roll. So used them wisely. In coordination with sudden death play.


Rounds are completed when some one wins three rolls.