Game Mode

Lucky 7

Is a prize wheel that consist of ten slots. Three of those slots will be losers and offer no prize option. There is one slot that's an automatic Re-spin. And one other slot that's an automatic cash prize win. While the remaining seven will offer varying prizes. check the Prize page to see what's currently available more options will be added based on community feedback.

Game Mode

Golden Drum

As Champion If you select the Golden Drum you have a chance to make your way into scratch off history.

With Different States from across this great nation, that you might never had the chance to play a scratch off in is now at your finger tips.

With an array of dollar amounts for each ticket stuffed inside the Golden Drum thus making it literally a treasure chest waiting to be explored.

We believe in providing a level playing field for all competitors, ensuring fairness and integrity in every game.

Endless possibilities

Exciting gameplay

Fair competition

Experience thrilling and action-packed matches that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

With Lucky 7 and the Golden Drum, our champions have the chance to win big and explore new opportunities.